Equilibrium studies for trimethoprim adsorption on montmorillonite KSF.

  title={Equilibrium studies for trimethoprim adsorption on montmorillonite KSF.},
  author={Zehra Bekçi and Yoldaş Seki and M{\"u}r{\"u}vvet Yurdakoç},
  journal={Journal of hazardous materials},
  volume={133 1-3},
In this study, the adsorption of trimethoprim (TMP) on montmorillonite KSF was studied under different conditions (pH, ionic strength, temperature). The results indicate that a pH value of 5.04 is optimum value for the adsorption of TMP on KSF. The adsorption kinetics was interpreted using pseudo-first-order kinetic model, pseudo-second-order kinetic model and intraparticle diffusion model. The pseudo-second-order model provides the best correlation with the experimental data of KSF adsorption… CONTINUE READING