Equilibrium stochastic delay processes

  title={Equilibrium stochastic delay processes},
  author={Viktor Holubec and Artem Ryabov and Sarah A. M. Loos and Klaus Kroy},
  journal={New Journal of Physics},
Stochastic processes with temporal delay play an important role in science and engineering whenever finite speeds of signal transmission and processing occur. However, an exact mathematical analysis of their dynamics and thermodynamics is available for linear models only. We introduce a class of stochastic delay processes with nonlinear time-local forces and linear time-delayed forces that obey fluctuation theorems and converge to a Boltzmann equilibrium at long times. From the point of view of… 

Optimal finite-time heat engines under constrained control

We optimize finite-time stochastic heat engines with a periodically scaled Hamiltonian under experimentally motivated constraints on the bath temperature T and the scaling parameter λ . We present a



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Stochastic Thermodynamics

Standard thermodynamics pertains to a system in equilibrium. The meaning of equilibrium is that all fields such as temperature, pressure, magnetic, electric fields, etc., are held fixed, and the

Stochastic SIRC epidemic model with time-delay for COVID-19

It is shown that white noise plays an important part in controlling the spread of the disease and when the white noise is relatively large, the infectious diseases will become extinct.

Formation of stable and responsive collective states in suspensions of active colloids

Experimental evidence is provided by investigating the stability of swirls formed by light-responsive active colloids which adjust their individual motion to positions and orientations of neighbours to support the idea of system-independent organisation principles of collective states.

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Nonlinear dynamics of delay systems: an overview

New fundamental results were obtained especially for systems with time-varying delay and state-dependent delay and for delay system with noise, which do often appear in real systems in engineering and nature.

Feedback and delays in neurological diseases: A modeling study using gynamical systems

A preliminary model is proposed to describe the oscillations observed in control subjects and in patients with neurological diseases during the performance of a simple compensatory tracking task and analytically determines the influence in the model of each of these delays on the stability of the finger position.