Equilibria and stability of a class of positive feedback loops

  title={Equilibria and stability of a class of positive feedback loops},
  author={F. Lopez-Caamal and R. Middleton and H. Huber},
  journal={Journal of Mathematical Biology},
  • F. Lopez-Caamal, R. Middleton, H. Huber
  • Published 2014
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Journal of Mathematical Biology
  • Positive feedback loops are common regulatory elements in metabolic and protein signalling pathways. The length of such feedback loops determines stability and sensitivity to network perturbations. Here we provide a mathematical analysis of arbitrary length positive feedback loops with protein production and degradation. These loops serve as an abstraction of typical regulation patterns in protein signalling pathways. We first perform a steady state analysis and, independently of the chain… CONTINUE READING
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