Equilateral non-Gaussianity from multifield dynamics

  title={Equilateral non-Gaussianity from multifield dynamics},
  author={Andrew J. Tolley and Mark Wyman},
  journal={Physical Review D},
The distinctive features of single field inflationary models with nonminimal kinetic terms, like Dirac-Born-Infeld and k inflation, can be captured by more familiar multiple-field inflationary systems of the type that typically arise in low-energy supergravity models. At least one heavy field, which we call the gelaton, has an effective potential which depends on the kinetic energy of the inflaton. Integrating out the gelaton gives rise to an effectively single field system for which the speed… 

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Heavy scalar fields can undergo an instability during inflation as a result of their kinetic couplings with the inflaton. This is known as the geometrical destabilization of inflation, as it relies

Multifield inflation beyond Nfield=2: non-Gaussianities and single-field effective theory

  • L. Pinol
  • Physics
    Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics
  • 2020
In this article, we study in detail the linear dynamics and cubic interactions for any number Nfield of scalar fields during inflation, directly in terms of the observable curvature perturbation ζ

Strongly coupled perturbations in two-field inflationary models

We study models of inflation with two scalar fields and non-canonical kinetic terms, focusing on the case in which the curvature and isocurvature perturbations are strongly coupled to each other. In

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We present two families of multi-field potentials that support inflation while satisfying the refined de Sitter and the distance swampland conjectures. Both families feature Planck-compatible

Hyper-Non-Gaussianities in Inflation with Strongly Nongeodesic Motion.

It is shown that the bispectrum is enhanced in flattened configurations, and it is argued that an analogous result holds for all higher-order correlation functions, and these "hyper-non-Gaussianities" provide powerful model-independent constraints on nonstandard inflationary attractors motivated by the search for ultraviolet completions of inflation.

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A bstractWe analyze the signatures of inflationary models that are coupled to interacting field theories, a basic class of multifield models also motivated by their role in providing dynamically

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We study implications of perturbative unitarity for quasi-single field inflation with the inflaton and one massive scalar. Analyzing high energy scattering, we show that non-Gaussianities with |fNL|