Equation of state of warm dense matter at DARHT-2 facility

  title={Equation of state of warm dense matter at DARHT-2 facility},
  author={Thomas J. T. Kwan and Mark. J. Schmitt and William S. Daughton and Carl Ekdahl and John F. Benage and Michael S. Murillo and Frederick J. Wysocki},
  journal={2009 IEEE International Conference on Plasma Science - Abstracts},
Accurate equation-of-state theory on warm dense matter is a big challenge to model and good experimental data is difficult to obtain. One of the difficulties is the creation of a warm dense matter (WDM) suitable for experiments to examine its equation of state. We have examine methods of creating a warm dense matter using three different kinds of energetic particle beams such as short pulse laser, energetic proton beam, and relativistic electron beam. We found that the use of relativistic… CONTINUE READING