Equation of State of Quantum Gases Beyond the Van der Waals Approximation

  title={Equation of State of Quantum Gases Beyond the Van der Waals Approximation},
  author={Kyrill A. Bugaev and A. I. Ivanytskyi and Violetta Sagun and Eduard G. Nikonov and Gennady Zinovjev},
  journal={Ukrainian Journal of Physics},
A recently suggested equation of state with the induced surface tension is generalized to the case of quantum gases with mean-field interaction. The self-consistency conditions of such a model and the conditions necessary for the Third Law of thermodynamics to be satisfied are found. The quantum virial expansion of the van der Waals models of such a type is analyzed, and its virial coefficients are given. In contrast to traditional beliefs, it is shown that an inclusion of the third and higher… 

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Self-consistent analysis of quantum gases of hard spheres beyond the Van der Waals approximation
  • K. Bugaev
  • Physics
    The European Physical Journal A
  • 2019
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