Equalization in amplify-forward full-duplex relay with direct link

  title={Equalization in amplify-forward full-duplex relay with direct link},
  author={Karra Chinmay Dheeraj and Andrew Thangaraj and Radha Krishna Ganti},
  journal={2015 Twenty First National Conference on Communications (NCC)},
An ideal full-duplex relay doubles the achievable data rate compared to a half-duplex relay. However, in practice, the self-interference and processing delay induces an ISI channel between the source and the destination nodes. In this paper, we study the outage performance of a full-duplex relaying network with amplify-and-forward scheme. In contrast to prior work, we include the direct link from the source to destination, and analyze the distribution of the end-to-end signal-to-noise ratio… CONTINUE READING
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