Equality of Opportunity for Welfare Defended and Recanted

  title={Equality of Opportunity for Welfare Defended and Recanted},
  author={Richard J. Arneson},
  journal={Journal of Political Philosophy},
Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen's interesting criticisms of the ideal of equality of opportunity for welfare provide a welcome occasion for rethinking the requirements of egalitarian distributive justice. 1 In the essay he criticizes I had proposed that insofar as we think distributive justice requires equality of any sort, we should conceive of distributive equality as equal opportunity provision. Roughly put, my suggestion was that equality of opportunity for welfare obtains among a group of people… Expand
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Equality or Priority
This is the text of The Lindley Lecture for 1991, given by Derek Parfit (1942-2013), a British philosopher.
published along with a reprinting of my " Equality and Equal Opportunity for Welfare " Equality: Selected Readings ed
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For further discussion, see my " Rawls, responsibility, and distributive justice
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