Equality as a Moral Ideal

  title={Equality as a Moral Ideal},
  author={Harry Gordon Frankfurt},
  pages={21 - 43}
Economic egalitarianism is, as I shall construe it, the doctrine that it is desirable for everyone to have the same amounts of income and of wealth (for short, "money"). 1 Hardly anyone would deny that there are situations in which it makes sense to tolerate deviations from this standard. It goes without saying, after all, that preventing or correcting such deviations may involve costs which-whether measured in economic terms or in terms of noneconomic considerations-are by any reasonable… Expand
On the Scope of Egalitarian Justice
It is not clear whether the social contract is supposed to merely supplement the unequal gains that individuals are able to make through the exercise of their natural endowments with a set of equalExpand
Philosophical Explorations of Justice and Taxation IUS GENTIUM COMPARATIVE PERSPECTIVES ON LAW AND JUSTICE
In this chapter I examine a typical strategy that is used to argue for increases in the marginal tax burden for the extremely rich by stating that they amassed their wealth by taking advantage ofExpand
Luck, Genes, and Equality
  • D. Fox
  • Medicine, Sociology
  • Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics
  • 2007
If the authors agree with Rawls that some measure of safe and effective genetic intervention may be required as a matter of justice, it stands to ask how the distribution of genetic goods – that is, the hereditary basis of human traits – should be carried out. Expand
Distributive justice and basic capability equality: “good enough” is not good enough
Amartya Sen is a renowned economist who has also made important contributions to philosophical thinking about distributive justice. These contributions tend to take the form of criticism ofExpand
Rescuing sufficientarianism from itself
The sufficiency view holds that justice requires that people have enough, that is, that they achieve a level of well-being postulated as adequate. Recently, the sufficientarian view has receivedExpand
Egalitarianism: A Tour d’horizon
From a political–philosophical point of view, explaining what ‘equality’ exactly amounts to has turned out to be very tough. When equality is to be treated as a moral ideal, many issues come to theExpand
The many faces of equal opportunity
The ideal of equality of opportunity plays an important role in contemporary social and political discourse, and it is one of the few ideals which most people, across the political spectrum, accept.Expand
Intergenerational Justice: How Reasonable Man Discounts Climate Damage
  • M. D. Davidson
  • Economics
  • 2012
Moral philosophers and economists have evaluated the intergenerational problem of climate change by applying the whole gamut of theories on distributive justice. In this article, however, it isExpand
Egalitarianism and Animals
The moral consideration of nonhuman animals and the critique of speciesism have been defended by appeal to a variety of ethical theories. One of the main approaches in moral and political philosophyExpand
Rethinking the Very Idea of Egalitarian Markets and Corporations: Why Relationships Might Matter More than Distribution
  • P. Néron
  • Sociology
  • Business Ethics Quarterly
  • 2015
ABSTRACT: What kinds of markets, market regulations, and business organizations are compatible with contemporary egalitarian theories of justice? This article argues that any thoughtful answer toExpand