Equal Pay on the Hardwood: The Earnings Gap Between Male and Female NCAA Division I Basketball Coaches

  title={Equal Pay on the Hardwood: The Earnings Gap Between Male and Female NCAA Division I Basketball Coaches},
  author={Brad R. Humphreys},
  journal={Journal of Sports Economics},
  pages={299 - 307}
  • B. Humphreys
  • Published 1 August 2000
  • Education
  • Journal of Sports Economics
This article examines the earnings gap between male and female National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) head basketball coaches. Within women’s basketball, female head coaches earn base salaries 9% higher than males. Estimates from a human capital earnings model suggest that differences in job performance and institution-specific gender segregation explain this earnings gap. The base salaries of women’s head basketball coaches of both sexes are also compared to those of men’s head… 

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