Epworth Hospital interventional cardiology audit for 2007.


The cardiac catheterisation laboratory interventional audit for 2007 showed that 761 cases were performed, treating at total of 941 lesions. Unstable coronary syndromes accounted for 59% of all cases. Coronary stenting was performed in 93.3% of cases, with drug-eluting stents being utilised 88% of the time. Adjunctive therapies included intra-aortic balloon… (More)
DOI: 10.1016/j.hlc.2008.09.004


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@article{Dick2008EpworthHI, title={Epworth Hospital interventional cardiology audit for 2007.}, author={Ronald J L Dick}, journal={Heart, lung & circulation}, year={2008}, volume={17 Suppl 4}, pages={S4-6} }