Epstein-Barr virus associated lymphomas in people with HIV.

  title={Epstein-Barr virus associated lymphomas in people with HIV.},
  author={Antonino Carbone and Chiara Costanza Volpi and Ambra Vittoria Gualeni and Annunziata Gloghini},
  journal={Current opinion in HIV and AIDS},
  volume={12 1},
PURPOSE OF REVIEW The present review summarizes the association of the different histotypes of Epstein-Barr virus (EBV)-associated lymphomas with known genetic lesions and/or oncogenic viruses. A more comprehensive understanding of the complex interplay existing between genetic abnormalities of tumor cells and the viral contribution to the development of EBV-associated lymphomas is pivotal for the development of more effective treatments. RECENT FINDINGS Recent evidence indicates that HIV may… CONTINUE READING