Epiurethral suprapubic vaginal suspension: a report on 52 cases.


Fifty-two epiurethral suprapubic vaginal suspension procedures for the treatment of stress urinary incontinence were reviewed. The long-term results (80.5% success rate) were comparable to those of other urethropexy procedures. Complications included deep vein thrombophlebitis (3.8%), excessive bleeding (5.8%), prolonged (more than seven days) postoperative catheterization (32.7%), or tape rejection (3.8%). The performance of a simultaneous or previous hysterectomy had no effect on the outcome of the procedure (P greater than .10). These results differ from those in the other published report on this procedure.

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@article{Dunton1988EpiurethralSV, title={Epiurethral suprapubic vaginal suspension: a report on 52 cases.}, author={Charles J . Dunton}, journal={Obstetrics and gynecology}, year={1988}, volume={71 6 Pt 1}, pages={945-8} }