Epitope spreading within lupus-associated ribonucleoprotein antigens.

  title={Epitope spreading within lupus-associated ribonucleoprotein antigens.},
  author={Umesh S. Deshmukh and Harini Bagavant and Janet E. Lewis and Felicia Gaskin and Shu Man Fu},
  journal={Clinical immunology},
  volume={117 2},
Autoantibodies reactive with several cellular antigens are present in the sera of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus. Polypeptides within the Ro-RNP complex and the snRNP complex are often targeted by these autoantibodies. One of the mechanisms responsible for their evolution is that of epitope spreading. Experimental animal model systems provide evidence for this. This review discusses the animal model systems of epitope spreading within these ribonucleoprotein antigens, the mechanisms… CONTINUE READING

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