Epitope-specific immune responses to rotavirus vaccination.

  title={Epitope-specific immune responses to rotavirus vaccination.},
  author={Russell D. Shaw and Karen J Fong and Genevieve A. Losonsky and Myron M. Levine and Yvonne Maldonado and Robert Yolken and Jorge Flores and Albert Z. Kapikian and Phuoc T Vo and Harry B Greenberg},
  volume={93 5},
Rotavirus gastroenteritis is a leading cause of infant mortality in developing countries and an important cause of morbidity in children under 2 yr of age in the United States. Vaccine programs have evaluated animal rotavirus strains that are attenuated in humans but antigenically similar to some human strains. Whether a single vaccine strain can elicit protective immunity in humans to rotaviruses of the same or different serotypes is an important question in determining vaccine efficacy. We… CONTINUE READING


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