Epithelial wound closure in the rabbit cornea. A biphasic process.

  title={Epithelial wound closure in the rabbit cornea. A biphasic process.},
  author={Craig E. Crosson and Stephen D. Klyce and Roger W. Beuerman},
  journal={Investigative ophthalmology & visual science},
  volume={27 4},
The rapid and complete repair of the corneal epithelium following ocular surgery or trauma is essential for the maintenance of normal visual acuity. In this study the authors examined epithelial wound healing in the rabbit after cells were mechanically removed leaving the basal lamina intact. The decrease in wound area (mm2/hr) was neither linear nor amenable to simple kinetic analysis. However, analysis of the data in terms of the decrease in wound radius (mm/hr) revealed a biphasic process… CONTINUE READING