Epitaxial phase stabilisation phenomena in rare earth manganites

  title={Epitaxial phase stabilisation phenomena in rare earth manganites},
  author={Alexey Bosak and A. A. Kamenev and I. E. Graboy and S. V. Antonov and Oleg Yu. Gorbenko and Andrey R. Kaul and C. Dubourdieu and J. P. S{\'e}nateur and V. L. Svechnikov and H. W. Zandbergen and Bernhard Holl{\"a}nder},
Abstract Using injection, powder-flash and band-flash MOCVD techniques, epitaxial thin films of Nd, Ho, Y, Tm, Dy and Lu manganites were prepared. The formation of high-pressure phase NdMn 7 O 12 as a thin surface layer on Pnma Nd 1− x MnO 3+δ ( x ∼0.15) in an Nd-deficient system and HoMnO 3 , YMnO 3 , TmMnO 3 and LuMnO 3 as perovskite phases (known in the bulk only as high-pressure phases) on a LaAlO 3 substrate were observed. The remarkable reduction in the pressure needed for formation of… CONTINUE READING


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