Epitaxial growth of Ag on W(110)

  title={Epitaxial growth of Ag on W(110)},
  author={C. Deisl and Erminald Bertel and M. B{\"u}rgener and Gerhard Meister and Annie Goldmann},
Epitaxial growth of Ag on W(110) at room temperature was studied by scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) and polarization-dependent photoemission. At coverages far below one monolayer Ag atoms populate bcc sites of the substrate and form close-packed islands of monolayer thickness. With increasing coverage geometrical misfit between Ag(111)-like layers and W(110) generates surface stress along $\mathrm{W}[1\overline{1}0]$. This is released by formation of domain walls parallel W[001] which are… CONTINUE READING