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Epitaxial Graphene on Silicon toward Graphene-Silicon Fusion Electronics

  title={Epitaxial Graphene on Silicon toward Graphene-Silicon Fusion Electronics},
  author={Hirokazu Fukidome and Ryota Takahashi and Yukihiro Miyamoto and Hiroyuki Handa and HyunChul Kang and Hiromi Karasawa and Tetsuya Suemitsu and Taiichi Otsuji and Akitaka Yoshigoe and Yuden Teraoka and Maki Suemitsu},
  journal={arXiv: Materials Science},
Graphene is a promising contender to succeed the throne of silicon in electronics. To this goal, large-scale epitaxial growth of graphene on substrates should be developed. Among various methods along this line, epitaxial growth of graphene on SiC substrates by thermal decomposition of surface layers has proved itself quite satisfactory both in quality and in process reliability. Even modulation of structural and hence electronic properties of graphene is possible by tuning the graphene/SiC… Expand
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