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Epistemologies of the South and the future

  title={Epistemologies of the South and the future},
  author={Boaventura de Sousa Santos},

Nepantla Moments in Therapy: A Clinical Example With Latinx Immigrants

Abstract Therapy can be a site of decolonization in which the traumatic experiences of individuals, couples, families, and communities can be transformed by liberation-based frameworks. In this essay

Shifting power through climate research: applying decolonial methodologies

This discussion brief aims to provide insights into ways that individual researchers can aim to shift rather than reinforce unequal power relations in climate and environment research that

Crafting Futures Central Asia: Kyrgyzstan Pilot Project Report, Inter-Generational Craft Communication and Collective Craft Futures

Crafting Futures Central Asia is a three-year programme of collaborative research and skills development activities that encourages intercultural dialogue, exchange and collective learning to help

North–South–South collaboration as a context for collaborative learning and thinking with alternative knowledges

This article discusses North–South–South higher education collaboration as a context for development education. We analyse an intensive course on qualitative research methods and culturally

Introduction: Human rights and global health special issue

ABSTRACT The emergence of the field of health and human rights during the closing decades of the twentieth century offered the promise of an important shift of perspective within global health. It

Knowledge Integration and Good Marine Governance: A Multidisciplinary Analysis and Critical Synopsis

Our research addresses knowledge integration for the good governance of the environment and the oceans: (a) through a comprehensive legal, political science, and anthropological analysis; and (b) by

Education for Sustainability, Peace, and Global Citizenship: An Integrative Approach

The complex nature of contemporary challenges requires a culture of cooperation between academic disciplines. However, to what extent do educational systems prepare students to think beyond the

Moving from What Do English Teachers know? to How Do English Teachers Experience Knowledge? A Decolonial Perspective in the Study of English Teachers’ Knowledge

There has been a continuing interest in defining what comprises English teachers’ knowledge with the purpose of defining the boundaries of the English Teaching field and developing it as a respected


This article describes the theoretical construction of a Black African Immigrant Standpoint Epistemology (BAISE). BAISE is an emerging system of thought that seeks and locates the souls of Black

Bordering Designs Contestation Designs: An Exploration of Undocumented Nicaraguan Women’s Everyday Life in Costa Rica

project of modernity reordered and rearranged the world by imposing categories of difference. These currently materialize in inconspicuous bordering systems designed to enforce the separation between



African Philosophy... Does it Exist?

are accepted in one form or the other by the philosophers who have actually formulated some of them and those who have devoted their academical careers to the promotion of the positive study of

Between Prospero and Caliban: Colonialism, Postcolonialism, and Inter-identity

Concentrando-se na analise dos processos identithrios no espaco-tenpo da lingua portuguesa, este trabalho pretende ser um conbibuto para o estudo do p6s-colonialism. Se a identidade modema ocidental

“ Why Is It So Difficult to Construct a Critical Theory ? ”

  • Zona Abierta
  • 1998