Epistemological or Political? Unpacking Ambiguities in the Field of Interdisciplinarity Studies

  title={Epistemological or Political? Unpacking Ambiguities in the Field of Interdisciplinarity Studies},
  author={Dorte Madsen},
  • D. Madsen
  • Published 11 May 2018
  • Sociology
  • Minerva
This paper unpacks ambiguities in the field of interdisciplinarity studies (IDS), explores where they come from and how they inhibit consolidation of the field. The paper takes its point of departure in two central fault lines in the literature: the relationship between interdisciplinarity and disciplinarity and the question of whether integration is a necessary prerequisite for interdisciplinarity. Opposite positions on the fault lines are drawn out to identify sources of ambiguities, and to… 

Becoming a scholar by publication - PhD students citing in interdisciplinary argumentation

An analysis of longitudinal series of qualitative interviews with PhD students who write scholarly articles as dissertation components is provided, linking the enactment of citing in scholarly writing to the negotiation of subject positions.

What can we make of our interview data? From interdisciplinary to intra-disciplinary research

Introduction. This paper considers materially enriched interview data through practice lenses and explores how performativity in practices is accentuated in the data. Particular emphasis is placed on

We and the terrorist Other: On the construction of the French and Danish national political 'we': An analysis of the public debates in France and Denmark after the terror attacks of January and February 2015

A central claim of Laclau and Mouffe’s discourse theory (Laclau & Mouffe 1985) is the need of any identity to delimit itself from a constitutive Other. When it comes to the articulation of a national

Complexity Sciences: A Scientific Platform

The present article addresses to interdisciplinary studies and emergent domains literature by proposing a new concept to describe this domain, a meeting point between different specialties, which, on the basis of a flexible common ground, pursue together shared or parallel socio-epistemic objectives.

Donald T. Campbell on the institutions of scientific knowledge and the limits to interdisciplinarity

  • G. Hodgson
  • Art
    Journal of Institutional Economics
  • 2022
Abstract Extracts from an important article by the American psychologist, philosopher and social scientist Donald T. Campbell are reproduced here, with an introduction underlining the importance of

Invisible hierarchies in academic work and career-building in an interdisciplinary landscape

ABSTRACT Interdisciplinarity has become one of the catchwords in current higher education and science policies, with the underlying rationale being that scientific breakthroughs and solutions to

Crossing the Boundaries of Epistemic Communities Within and Beyond Discourse Studies

  • D. Madsen
  • Sociology
    Fuzzy Boundaries in Discourse Studies
  • 2019
The purpose of this chapter is to discuss boundaries within and beyond discourse studies with a focus on research that crosses epistemological boundaries in order to highlight the analytical

Special issue: interdisciplinary historical studies

The renaming of Accounting Business and Financial History to Accounting History Review in 2011 could, at face value, be taken as a narrowing of the journal’s focus toward accounting history. Rather

Interdisciplinary Projects as an Expert-Network

We report an analysis of how an interdisciplinary project bringing together biologists, physicists and engineers worked in practice. The authorship team are the Principle Investigator who led the

Interdisciplinary connections in education as a pedagogical problem

  • A. O. Rajabova
  • Education
    Revista on line de Política e Gestão Educacional
  • 2021
The topic of interdisciplinary connections has recently become the subject of wide discussions in journals, monographs, educational websites, and program documents of government publications. Along



Liberating interdisciplinarity from myth. An exploration of the discursive construction of identities in information studies

  • D. Madsen
  • Sociology, Art
    J. Assoc. Inf. Sci. Technol.
  • 2016
The paper offers an explanation of the workings of the myth so that its particular way of interpreting the world does not mislead us when theorizing interdisciplinarity and serves as an empirical backdrop to the conceptual argument.

Logics of interdisciplinarity

Abstract This paper interrogates influential contemporary accounts of interdisciplinarity, in which it is portrayed as offering new ways of rendering science accountable to society and/or of forging

The politics of disciplinary advantage

Interdisciplinary work avoids specialisation’s growing fragmentation, but it also loses the political advantage of setting criteria and patrolling boundaries. Research that faces the challenge of

Ernesto Laclau: Post-marxism, populism and critique

© 2015 selection and editorial matter David Howarth. Ernesto Laclau has blazed a unique trail in political theory and philosophy since the early 1970s. In so doing, he has articulated a range of

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Calls for closer connections among disciplines can be heard throughout the world of scholarly research, from major universities to the National Institutes of Health. In Defense of Disciplines

Boundary-work and the demarcation of science from non-science: Strains and interests in professional

The demarcation of science from other intellectual activities-long an analytic problem for philosophers and sociologists-is here examined as a practical problem for scientists. Construction of a

Interdisciplinarity in the information field

It is shown how interdisciplinary theory may inform the development of a shared conceptual framework for the Information Field, and a continuum of integration from multi- to inter- to transdisciplinarity is useful for a distinction of different degrees of synthesis.

Creating Interdisciplinarity: Grounded Definitions from College and University Faculty

Definitions of interdisciplinarity often focus on the integration of disciplinary concepts or perspectives. Few definitions, however, are grounded in the work of faculty who conduct interdisciplinary