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Epirubicina ad alte dosi: vantaggi di un trattamento dilazionato

  title={Epirubicina ad alte dosi: vantaggi di un trattamento dilazionato},
  author={P. F. Bassi and F. Sciobica and Flavia Longo and R. Spinadin and R. Bertoloni and Domenica Battaglia and Alex Ingrassia and G. Mostaccio and M. Repele and G. Zeccolini and F. Gottardo},
Of the various therapeutic agents used in the intravesical treatment of superficial bladder cancer, epirubicin has proved active and is today widely used. Its effectiveness is in proportion to the dose, as are the onset and severity of side effects. The aim of this work was to check if a split administration of epirubicin at high doses could reduce the frequency and intensity of the side effects tied to traditional, high-dose intravesical treatment. An attempt was made at the same time to…