Epilepsy surgery in Belgium, the Flemish experience.

  title={Epilepsy surgery in Belgium, the Flemish experience.},
  author={Paul A. J. M. Boon and Thomas Vandekerckhove and Luc Calliauw and Eric Achten and Jacques L De Reuck and Evert Thiery and Jacques J Caemaert and A Desomer and C Drieghe and Hilde Vanbelleghem and Kristl Vonck and Luc Defreyne and A Van Duyse},
  journal={Acta neurologica Belgica},
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Between January 1992 and June 1995, 160 patients were presurgically evaluated for medically refractory epilepsy by the Epilepsy Monitoring and Surgery Team at the University Hospital of Gent. All these patients underwent a comprehensive presurgical evaluation, including extensive neurological history and examination, video-EEG monitoring of interictal EEG… CONTINUE READING