Epigenomics: Epigenetic variation across the generations

  title={Epigenomics: Epigenetic variation across the generations},
  author={Magdalena Skipper},
  journal={Nature Reviews Genetics},
  • M. Skipper
  • Published 12 October 2011
  • Biology
  • Nature Reviews Genetics
Advances in DNA-sequencing technologies have driven the cataloguing of genetic variation in humans and an increasing number of model organisms. The same technologies are now being extended to epigenetic modifications. Two reports — from Becker and Hagmann et al. in Nature and Schmitz et al. in Science — provide the first genome-wide insights into heritable epigenetic variation. Studying DNA methylation in Arabidopsis thaliana, both groups show that transgenerational epigenetic variation is… 
On the Use of Blood Samples for Measuring DNA Methylation in Ecological Epigenetic Studies
  • A. Husby
  • Biology
    Integrative and comparative biology
  • 2020
The aim of this review is to examine what the authors know about the potential for using blood samples in ecological epigenetic studies to gain insights into if blood DNA methylation patterns can be a reliable bioindicator for changes in methylation that generate phenotypic variation in ecologically important traits.
Of flies, mice and men: a systematic approach to understanding the early life origins of chronic lung disease
A European Science Foundation Exploratory Workshop was held where clinical, translational and basic research scientists from different disciplines met to discuss potential mechanisms of developmental origins of CLD, and to identify major knowledge gaps in order to delineate a roadmap for future integrative research.
Neuroplasticity and memory formation in major depressive disorder: an imaging genetics perspective on serotonin and BDNF.
This review of neuroimaging studies in the context of MDD will provide a comprehensive overview of these networks as well as on the specific role of 5-HT and BDNF in their development and function.
Of fl ies , mice and men : a systematic approach to understanding the early life origins of chronic lung disease
to understanding the early life origins of chronic lung disease Susanne Krauss-Etschmann, Andrew Bush, Saverio Bellusci, Guy G Brusselle, Sven Erik K Dahlén, Stefan Dehmel, Oliver Eickelberg, Greg


Spontaneous epigenetic variation in the Arabidopsis thaliana methylome
Compared genome-wide DNA methylation among 10 A. thaliana lines, differentially methylated sites were farther from transposable elements and showed less association with short interfering RNA expression than invariant positions, which has important implications for the potential contribution of sequence-independent epialleles to plant evolution.
Transgenerational Epigenetic Instability Is a Source of Novel Methylation Variants
Transgenerational epigenetic variation in DNA methylation may generate new allelic states that alter transcription, providing a mechanism for phenotypic diversity in the absence of genetic mutation.