Epigenetic programming of the rRNA promoter by MBD3.

  title={Epigenetic programming of the rRNA promoter by MBD3.},
  author={Shelley E. Brown and Moshe Szyf},
  journal={Molecular and cellular biology},
  volume={27 13},
Within the human genome there are hundreds of copies of the rRNA gene, but only a fraction of these genes are active. Silencing through epigenetics has been extensively studied; however, it is essential to understand how active rRNA genes are maintained. Here, we propose a role for the methyl-CpG binding domain protein MBD3 in epigenetically maintaining active rRNA promoters. We show that MBD3 is localized to the nucleolus, colocalizes with upstream binding factor, and binds to unmethylated… CONTINUE READING