Epigenetic control of transgene expression and imprinting by genotype-specific modifiers.


Expression and DNA methylation of the transgene locus TKZ751 are controlled by genotype-specific modifier genes. The DBA/2 and 129 genetic backgrounds enhanced expression, while the BALB/c background suppressed expression, but only following maternal inheritance of the BALB/c modifier. Epigenetic modification of the transgene locus was cumulative over successive generations, which in BALB/c mice resulted in an irreversible methylation after three consecutive germline passages. Therefore, at the TKZ751 locus the germline fails to reverse previously acquired epigenetic modifications, a process that is usually essential to restore the genomic totipotency. Hence the genotype-specific modifier genes regulate penetrance and expressivity as well as parental imprinting of the TKZ751 locus through epigenetic modification.


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