Epidural analgesia during labor among immigrant women in Sweden.

  title={Epidural analgesia during labor among immigrant women in Sweden.},
  author={Cecilia Ek{\'e}us and Sven Cnattingius and Anders Hjern},
  journal={Acta obstetricia et gynecologica Scandinavica},
  volume={89 2},
OBJECTIVE To investigate differences in the use of epidural analgesia (EDA) during labor between native Swedish and immigrant women and whether such possible differences could be explained by other maternal factors or birthweight. DESIGN Population-based register study. SETTING Nationwide study in Sweden. POPULATION A total of 455,274 primiparous women, who gave birth to a singleton infant at 37-41 completed gestational weeks during 1992-2005. Of the 72,086 (16%) immigrants, data on 31… CONTINUE READING
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