Epididymal secreted protein Crisp-1 and sperm function.

  title={Epididymal secreted protein Crisp-1 and sperm function.},
  author={Kenneth P. Roberts and Kathy M Ensrud and Joseph L Wooters and Michael A Nolan and D. St Johnston and David W. Hamilton},
  journal={Molecular and cellular endocrinology},
  volume={250 1-2},
Crisp-1 is a member of the cysteine-rich secretory protein family. This family of proteins is characterized by the presence of 16 conserved cysteine residues, the characteristic from which the family name is derived. Members of the Crisp protein family are found in the secretions of the reproductive tract and salivary glands, including venom toxins from several species of snakes and lizards. The Crisp proteins are modular, each containing an amino terminal pathogenesis-related (PR)-like domain… CONTINUE READING


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