Epidermal barrier treatments based on vernix caseosa.

  title={Epidermal barrier treatments based on vernix caseosa.},
  author={M O Visscher and Namrata D Barai and Angela Laruffa and William L. Pickens and Vivek Narendran and Steven B. Hoath},
  journal={Skin pharmacology and physiology},
  volume={24 6},
BACKGROUND/AIMS Premature infants lack the vernix caseosa, have an incompetent stratum corneum (SC) barrier and are predisposed to infection. Use of topical agents to improve barrier function has had mixed outcomes. The aim was to determine the effect of vernix versus common barrier creams on the rate and quality of the epidermal barrier repair following controlled wounding. METHODS Minor wounds were created with (1) laser ablation in the minipig and (2) tape stripping of mother's volar skin… CONTINUE READING