[Epidemiology of sudden cardiac death].


Sudden cardiac death remains a major challenge that we are still facing today. The complexity of the trigger mechanisms makes it difficult to achieve a reliable identification of high-risk patients. Three suggestions are made that might help to overcome this epidemiological catastrophe "Sudden Cardiac Death". 1. In patients with known heart disease risk stratification has to be improved by developing new methods to identify specifically those individuals, who are at risk for sudden rather than non-sudden cardiac death. 2. The general population contains an unknown proportion of individuals with advanced coronary disease, which is commonly asymptomatic. In these so called "normal population" classical risk stratification does not work. However, since there is a close relationship between the prevalence of risk factors for coronary disease and sudden death, a consequent treatment of risk factors should have a positive effect on sudden death rate as well. 3. The success rate of resuscitation has to be improved by strengthening each single link of the "chain of survival". Laypersons trained in basic and advanced life support techniques have to play a much major role on this scene.

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