Epidemiology of skin cancer.

  title={Epidemiology of skin cancer.},
  author={R. A. Huch B{\"o}ni and Christian Schuster and Britta Nehrhoff and G J van der Burg},
  journal={Neuro endocrinology letters},
  volume={23 Suppl 2},
The skin is the most common site of malignancy. Due to several mostly unknown factors, the frequency of skin tumors is increasing. Except for malignant melanoma, reliable statistical data on the frequency of skin tumors are scarce. Discussion on the epidemiology of skin tumors may take different aspects and factors into consideration: (1) histogenetic type; (2) race, (3) sex; (4) age, (5) localization; (6) environment. Moreover, precancerous conditions also may play an important role in this… CONTINUE READING