Epidemiology of microsporidiosis: sources and modes of transmission.

  title={Epidemiology of microsporidiosis: sources and modes of transmission.},
  author={Elizabeth S Didier and Mary E. Stovall and Linda C Green and Paul J. Brindley and Karol Sestak and Peter J. Didier},
  journal={Veterinary parasitology},
  volume={126 1-2},
Microsporidia are single-celled, obligate intracellular parasites that were recently reclassified from protozoa to fungi. Microsporidia are considered a cause of emerging and opportunistic infections in humans, and species infecting humans also infect a wide range of animals, raising the concern for zoonotic transmission. Persistent or self-limiting diarrhea are the most common symptoms associated with microsporidiosis in immune-deficient or immune-competent individuals, respectively… CONTINUE READING

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