Epidemiology of human toxocariasis in northern Italy.

  title={Epidemiology of human toxocariasis in northern Italy.},
  author={Claudio Genchi and B di Sacco and Simonetta Gatti and Gabriele Sangalli and Massimo Scaglia},
  volume={32 3},
Sera from both clinically healthy adults (2112) and adult patients (471) were tested to assess the main risk factors for Toxocara infection in humans in Northern Italy. The patient group included 257 adult epileptics, 76 Strongyloides stercoralis-infected adult patients and 142 institutionalized mentally retarded adult patients. The overall seroprevalence in healthy population was 3.98%. No significant differences in seroprevalence were observed for sex, residence (urban or rural) or dog… CONTINUE READING


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