Epidemiology of hepatitis C virus in japan.

  title={Epidemiology of hepatitis C virus in japan.},
  author={Takashi J. Moriya and Tomiko Koyama and Junko Tanaka and Shunji Mishiro and H. Yoshizawa},
  volume={42 2-3},
Blood screening for hepatitis C virus (HCV) antibodies at Japanese Red Cross blood centers has indicated an age-dependent prevalence of HCV infection in the general population of Japan: the older the age, the higher the prevalence. The same pattern was corroborated by the sentinel study conducted in an HCV-endemic area. The high prevalence of HCV in the elderly is most likely due to a spread of HCV infection during the turmoil period just after World War II: in particular by illicit intravenous… CONTINUE READING
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