Epidemiology of femoral neck fractures in 1989, niigata prefecture, Japan


The incidence of the femoral neck fractures in 1989 was studied in Niigata Prefecture, which has a population of 2,481,441 (1,204,349 males and 12,277,092 females) as of January 1, 1989. The population over 65 years of age was 352,003, 12.5% of the total population (139,518 males and 212,485 females). The authors visited all hospitals in Niigata Prefecture to study roentgenograms and records of patients. In order to cover possible neglected patients, questionnaires were sent to nursing homes and mental hospitals. During 1989, there were 996 femoral neck fractures (259 males and 737 females, i.e., 1:2.85) the ratio of cervical and trochanteric fractures was 327:667 (1:2.04). The average age of these patients was 71.7 years for males and 77.7 years for females. The incidence over 65 years of age was 14.2 in males and 31.2 in females and that over 85 was 49.8 in males and 108 in females per 10,000 population per year.

DOI: 10.1007/BF02375927
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