Epidemiology of Takayasu arteritis.

  title={Epidemiology of Takayasu arteritis.},
  author={Fatoş Onen and Nurullah Akkoc},
  journal={Presse medicale},
  volume={46 7-8 Pt 2},
Takayasu arteritis (TA), a granulomatous large vessel vasculitis involves mostly the aorta and its proximal branches and occurs most commonly in young females. The data on the epidemiology of TA is limited, probably due to the rarity of the disease. Although the disease has a worldwide distribution, it is generally thought to be much more common among Asian populations. The incidences of TA were estimated to be 1-2 per million in Japan and 2.2 per million in Kuwait. Recent epidemiologic studies… CONTINUE READING

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