Epidemiology and socioeconomics.

  title={Epidemiology and socioeconomics.},
  author={Ferenc Kuhn and Robert E. Morris and Vikt{\'o}ria Mester and Clark Douglas Witherspoon and Loretta Mann and Richard S. Maisiak},
  journal={Ophthalmology clinics of North America},
  volume={15 2},
Ophthalmologists should be responsible for a systemic collection of standardized data on the occurrence of eye injuries. Such a database is the key for designing prophylactic measures to successfully prevent ocular trauma. The USEIR model, whether reporting takes place over the Internet [www.USEIRonline.org www.WEIRonline.org (worldwide)] or on paper, has proved to be an efficient epidemiological tool. Use of this model in different countries has allowed making unbiased comparisons between… CONTINUE READING

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