Epidemiology and risk factors for dermatophytoses in rabbit farms.

  title={Epidemiology and risk factors for dermatophytoses in rabbit farms.},
  author={Claudia Cafarchia and Antonio Camarda and Carmela Coccioli and Luciana Aguiar Figueredo and Elena Circella and Patrizia Danesi and Gioia Capelli and Domenico Otranto},
  journal={Medical mycology},
  volume={48 7},
While dermatophytoses of several animal species have been extensively investigated, information on their occurrence and epidemiology in rabbits is limited. We carried out a study from October 2006 to February 2007 of 23 rabbit farms in Apulia and Basilicata regions (southern Italy) in order to investigate the occurrence and risk factors associated with dermatophytoses in breeding rabbits. Dermatophytes were isolated from 86.9% (20/23) of the farms and from 51.8% (420/810) of the animals sampled… CONTINUE READING