Epidemiology and clinical profile of breast cancer in central Nepal

  title={Epidemiology and clinical profile of breast cancer in central Nepal},
  author={Jenesh Singh Shrestha},
In this study, our objective was to determine the epidemiological and clinical profile of breast cancers. Different Literatures have highlighted the correlation between stage and age at diagnosis, size and age at diagnosis, correlations of different hormone receptor status with different age group etc. but precise documentation is lacking in Nepal. Methods and Materials: The study was conducted at department of medical oncology, Nepal cancer hospital and research center from Dec 2014 to June… 

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A large number of women in Nepal are diagnosed with breast cancer, which accounts for 11.6% of all the cancer related deaths in women, ranking third after cervical and lung cancers.
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There was a high prevalence of undiagnosed depression in breast cancer patients and good social support, better quality of life and absence of anxiety had significant association with the better mental health status.
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Introduction: Breast cancer is the most common cancer and also the leading cause of cancer related mortality in women worldwide which impact 2.1 million women each year. Breast cancer rates are
Epidemiology and clinical profile of breast cancer in central Nepal
The epidemiological and clinical profile of breast cancers in Nepal was determined, finding disease is more aggressive and diagnosed at a more advanced stage in younger women and recommendation for the Her-2/Neu receptor test should be done in every case of breast cancer.


Clinical profile of patients presenting with breast cancer in Nepal.
BACKGROUND Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in women in Nepal. Even though the evaluation and treatment of patients is done as per western guidelines, there are considerable variations
Epidemiological and clinical profile of triple negative breast cancer at a cancer hospital in North India
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TNBCs are aggressive cancers with high rates of systemic relapses within the first 3 years of presentation and Modified radical mastectomy was the preferred surgical option by most patients who underwent upfront surgery in this study.
Cancer pattern in Western Nepal: a hospital based retrospective study.
The cancer pattern revealed by the present study provides valuable leads to cancer epidemiology in Nepal, particularly in the western region, and provides useful information for health planning and future research.
Clinical and epidemiologic profile of breast cancer in Tanzania.
The data strongly support that reducing barriers to care, down-staging of disease at diagnosis, implementation of clinical guidelines for management of advanced cases, and palliative care are the four most essential factors that need to be addressed to reduce morbidity and mortality from breast cancer in Tanzania.
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There is a strong need for standard guidelines for the proper management of breast cancer in Nepal so that surgeries, chemotherapy, hormone therapy and radiotherapy are standardized in the country.
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Shifts in the main cancers were noted with different ages, with leukemias and lymphomas in young individuals replaced by lung, oral and stomach in middle age and lung, stomach and larynx in the oldest category of males.
Correlation between hormone receptor status and age, and its prognostic implications in breast cancer patients in Bahrain
Breast cancer is more aggressive and advanced in younger women, a fact that can be significantly attributed to under expression of ER and PR, and over expression of HER-2, which also correlates well with lymph node status, as a measure of aggressiveness.
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Key recommendations are that there is a clear and urgent need to have more epidemiological studies of the breast cancer sub-types to integrate aetiological and lifestyle factors for prevention of incidence and death, and toHave more population-based information of the clinical and biological relevance from cancer registries.
Hormone receptor expression and Her/2neu amplification in breast carcinoma in a cohort of Sri Lankans.
The correlations of ER, PR, Her/2neu amplification, to each other, age at diagnosis and grade of tumour is as reported in other countries.