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Epidemiology Shows That Vitamin C Helps Us Live Longer

  title={Epidemiology Shows That Vitamin C Helps Us Live Longer},
  author={J. Enstrom and H. M.P. and Dr. James E. Enstrom},
In May, very exciting nutrition headlines captured the interest of nearly everyone. [1,2] A long-time colleague and friend of mine, Dr. James E. Enstrom of the UCLA School of Public Health, published his latest research on how men taking vitamin C, about 300 milligrams or more per day, on average live six years longer than those who receive less than 50 milligrams of vitamin C daily. [3] The scientific journal also included an editorial by Dr. Gladys Block that concluded, "The results of… Expand


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For this highly selected cohort, the overall "Prevention life-style" appears to be a healthy one, but the cohort experiences no clear reduction in total mortality because of high levels of vitamin intake per se. Expand
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