Epidemiology; diagnosis, and treatment of male hypogonadotropic hypogonadism

  title={Epidemiology; diagnosis, and treatment of male hypogonadotropic hypogonadism},
  author={A. Lenzi and G. Balercia and A. Bellastella and A. Colao and A. Fabbri and C. Foresta and M. Galdiero and L. Gandini and C. Krausz and G. Lombardi and F. Lombardo and M. Maggi and A. Radicioni and R. Selice and A. Sinisi and G. Forti},
  journal={Journal of Endocrinological Investigation},
Hypogonadotropic hypogonadism (HH), or secondary hypogonadism, is a clinical condition due to an impairment of the pituitary function, characterized by low testosterone plasma levels associated with normal or low FSH and LH plasma levels. An impairment of gonadotropin secretion and, therefore, a reduced efficiency of spermatogenesis was reported to be frequently associated to conditions different from the classical causes of secondary hypogonadism. These conditions (metabolic, endocrine and… Expand
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How to define hypogonadism? Results from a population of men consulting for sexual dysfunction
The simultaneous presence of reduced morning erections and desire is the cluster of symptoms that, along with total T < 10.4 nmol/L or cfT <225 pmol/ L, defines LOH in a specific, evidence-based manner. Expand
Diagnosi e terapia dell’ipogonadismo nella sindrome di Kallmann
RiassuntoLa sindrome di Kallmann (SK) è una forma congenita di ipogonadismo ipogonadotropo idiopatico in cui l’ipogonadismo si associa a deficit olfattivo (ipo/anosmia) e ad altri difetti nonExpand
Perfusion change in benign prostatic hyperplasia before and after castration in a canine model: Contrast enhanced ultrasonography and CT perfusion study.
Intraprostatic DHT level was higher in BPH than in normal prostate and decreased significantly following castration, which was accompanied by a rapid decrease in prostatic volume, which did not support the backflow theory postulating that BPH is induced by vascular changes from congested testes. Expand
Ipogonadismo maschile dell’adulto: terapia con testosterone
Il corretto trattamento con testosterone nelle diverse forme e posologie terapeutiche consente di ristabilire il normale assetto psicofisico del soggetto, garantendo allo stesso tempo la possibilità di scegliere una terapia individualizzata sulla base di bisogni ed esigenze del singolo paziente. Expand
Stimulation de la spermatogenèse : pour qui ? Pourquoi ? Comment ?
L’objectif de cette revue de la litterature est de repertorier les differents protocoles de stimulation de the spermatogenese decrits dans the litterature ainsi that leurs resultats. Expand
Primary and Secondary Hypogonadism