Epidemiological study on Mycoplasma synoviae infection in layers.

  title={Epidemiological study on Mycoplasma synoviae infection in layers.},
  author={Fabienne Dufour-Gesbert and Alexandra Dheilly and Corinne Marois and Isabelle Kempf},
  journal={Veterinary microbiology},
  volume={114 1-2},
Mycoplasma synoviae infection occurs worldwide in commercial poultry flocks and may result in severe economic losses. The prevalence of this mycoplasma in standard layers older than 60 weeks was studied in a French department and the characteristics of infected or free flocks were compared. The genomic profiles of isolates from 36 infected flocks were studied by pulsed-field gel electrophoresis and random amplified polymorphic DNA methods in order to investigate possible routes of transmission… CONTINUE READING
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