Epidemiological study of endemic cretinism in a hyperendemic area.


A cross sectional survey was carried out to detect prevalence of cretinism in two rural areas of Bangladesh (one hyperendemic and the other non-endemic area). The size of the study population was four thousand five hundred and nine, the age ranged from 2 to 45 years. The prevalence of cretinism was 0.6% in the hyperendemic area, while there were no case of cretinism in the non-endemic zone. Of the 27 cretins, 18 (67%) were of the neurological type and 9 (33%) of mixed type. Males were more likely to be affected than females (p < 0.05). Cretinism was more prevalent in the 2-9 years age group. The hyperendemic area was deficient of iodine in food and the cretins were underweight. These observations call for a need for coordinated public health actions to control this serious problem.

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