[Epidemiological study in patients with nasal polyposis].


OBJECTIVE To investigate the epidemiologic data in 165 patients suffering nasal polyposis. MATERIAL AND METHOD We collected different variables that included age, gender, asthma, ASA sensitive, allergic rhinitis, smoker, drinker, familiar history. We studied the main symptoms (nasal blockage, rhinorrhea, anosmia, and headache) as well as otological and dermatological involvement. RESULTS Nasal polyposis affects men (63%) more frequently, with a mean age of 46.5 years. Asthma was found in 36.6 % of patients with nasal polyposis. The most frequent symptom was nasal blockage (88 %) followed by anosmia (78 %). Ears were affected in 42 % of patients and 20 % of first-degree relatives also suffer the same condition. CONCLUSIONS Nasal polyposis affects both genders in middle age and may have an associated genetic factor in some patients. We must rule out asthma in all these patients.

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