Epidemiological data of multiple sclerosis in the province of Evros, Greece.

  title={Epidemiological data of multiple sclerosis in the province of Evros, Greece.},
  author={Haritomeni N Piperidou and Ioannis N Heliopoulos and Efstratios S Maltezos and Ioannis A Milonas},
  journal={European neurology},
  volume={49 1},
The frequency of multiple sclerosis (MS) in Greece is still debated. Our previous epidemiological field survey with a cross-check study of MS on March 31, 1984, in the province of Evros in north-eastern Greece showed a prevalence rate of 10.1/100,000. In 1990, Milonas et al. recorded a prevalence rate of 29.5/100,000 in northern Greece. So Greece is classified in the medium-frequency zone according to Kurtzke. This study was performed to estimate the prevalence of MS in the province of Evros… CONTINUE READING

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