Epidemiological Study of Injuries Arising from Karting Competition in Children

  title={Epidemiological Study of Injuries Arising from Karting Competition in Children},
  author={Delmuns Salvi and R. Marc and J. Casimiro and Manso Cristina and G. Mar{\'i}a},
  journal={Journal of community medicine \& health education},
Objective: The main aim was to define the impact and type of injuries in children aged from 7 to 15 years old competing in karting competition in Catalonia during the 2005-2009 periods. Secondary aims were to analyze the differences in injuries according to year of competition, category, number of participants and circuit. We also explored risk factors for injury and suggest possible corrective measures to reduce its number and severity. Design: Longitudinal epidemiological study with… Expand
Factores físicos y cognitivos involucrados en la práctica del kartismo en niños y niñas, implicaciones para la evaluación y el entrenamiento Physical and cognitive factors involved in the practice of karting in children, implications for the evaluation and training
El kartismo es una actividad deportiva muy exigente y potencialmente riesgosa que se inicia a muy temprana edad, en Colombia incluso a los 4 anos. A pesar de la baja fatalidad de los accidentesExpand
Health Education and Preventive Health Check ups
Public health sector in state health services is striving hard to improve Health education and educational institutions and health professionals in private sectors should take a forward step to conduct health education camps. Expand


Go-Kart Related Injuries: A Local Scene
Objectives To study the characteristics and nature of injuries relating to go-kart in the local setting and to compare the findings with those reported in the medical literature. Methods AExpand
Trauma Mechanisms and Injuries Associated with Go-Karting
The main trauma mechanisms involved in go-kart accidents, and three cases to illustrate the variety of injuries are described in the current manuscript. Expand
[Risks and injuries of go-karting].
Everyone carrying out fun sports like go kart driving should be aware of the dangers and should gather information whether the accident insurance will help out in case of injury. Expand
The Orchard Sports Injury Classification System (OSICS) Version 10
  • K. Rae, J. Orchard
  • Engineering, Medicine
  • Clinical journal of sport medicine : official journal of the Canadian Academy of Sport Medicine
  • 2007
A recent study found the OSICS-8, whilst superior to the International Classification of Diseases Australian Modification (ICD-10-AM) in both speed of use and 3-coder agreement, still achieved a lower level of agreement than expected. Expand
Risiken und Verletzungsfolgen beim Kartfahren
Everyone carrying out fun sports like go kart driving should be aware of the dangers and should gather information whether the accident insurance will help out in case of injury. Expand
Go‐kart injuries of the abdominal cavity
From May 2001 to February 2004, three serious intra‐abdominal injuries with go karts in the North District Hospital of Hong Kong were observed, and a high index of clinical suspicion is essential in encountering such cases. Expand
Go-kart injuries of the shoulder region.
Indoor go-karting has recently increased in popularity, but one can expect an increase in injury rate as karts travel faster around more ambitious circuits. Expand
The Isadora syndrome: A case report of cervical, oesophageal and tracheal transection in a go-karting accident
We report a case of cervical spine, tracheal and oesophageal trauma from a go-karting injury caused by the patient's scarf catching in the vehicle's wheel. We discuss the significance of theExpand
Fracture of the pancreas in two patients after a go-kart accident.
After any episode of blunt abdominal trauma, isolated injury to the pancreatic duct should be considered and serum analysis, ultrasonography and CT scanning can be helpful in early diagnosis. Expand
Exposure to carbon monoxide during indoor karting
A reference limit of 25 ppm was suggested for a 1 h exposure during indoor karting based on the Coburn model and on the results of this study, which verified the level of exposure to carbon monoxide in ten male racers during a 45-min race. Expand