[Epidemiologic study of 147 cases of oral papilloma (Venezuela). 1].


A clinical analysis of 147 oral papilloma is presented. Data on age, sex, race, location, clinical appearance, duration, recurrence and multiplicity, and clinical diagnosis are reviewed. The lesions occur over a wide age range, but more than fifty percent were found in patients between 20 to 49 years of age. The data support a slightly higher occurrence rate in females than in males. The tongue was a site of predilection. The other locations that showed a high incidence were the palatal complex, gingiva, lips, respectively. Recurrence rate and incidence of multiple papillomas were low.

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@article{Anselmi1989EpidemiologicSO, title={[Epidemiologic study of 147 cases of oral papilloma (Venezuela). 1].}, author={A L Anselmi and G Premoli de Percoco}, journal={Acta odontológica venezolana}, year={1989}, volume={27 2-3}, pages={27-32} }