Epidemiologic characteristics and trace elements in pancreatic cancer in Greece.

  title={Epidemiologic characteristics and trace elements in pancreatic cancer in Greece.},
  author={Orestes N Manousos and Dimitirios Trichopoulos and Antonios Koutselinis and Constantina Papadimitriou and Argy Polychronopoulou and Xenophon Zavitsanos},
  journal={Cancer detection and prevention},
  volume={4 1-4},
Epidemiologic characteristics were studied in a sample of 50 patients with pancreatic cancer admitted at various hospitals of Athens during an 18-month period, and in 206 controls hospitalized during the same period with diagnoses other than cancer, and disorders of liver or pancreas. Trace elements (Cu, Zn, Mg) were determined in all cancer cases and in 63 controls by the Perkin-Elmer model 306 atomic absorption spectrophotometer. The main findings were as follows: Cancer of the pancreas was… CONTINUE READING


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