Epidemic algorithms for replicated database maintenance

  title={Epidemic algorithms for replicated database maintenance},
  author={A. Demers and D. Greene and C. Hauser and W. Irish and John Larson and S. Shenker and Howard E. Sturgis and D. Swinehart and D. Terry},
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Whru a dilt~lhSC is replicated at, many sites2 maintaining mutual consistrnry among t,he sites iu the fac:e of updat,es is a signitirant problem. This paper descrikrs several randomized algorit,hms for dist,rihut.ing updates and driving t,he replicas toward consist,c>nc,y. The algorit Inns are very simple and require few guarant,ees from the underlying conllllunicat.ioll system, yc+ they rnsutc t.hat. the off(~c~t, of (‘very update is evcnt,uwlly rf+irt-ted in a11 rq1ica.s. The cost, and… Expand
Epidemic Algorithms for Replicated Databases
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On diffusing updates in a Byzantine environment


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