Epidemic Dropsy. A New Test for Argemone Oil

  title={Epidemic Dropsy. A New Test for Argemone Oil},
  author={Ram N. Chakravarti and Rabindra N. Chaudhuri and Nistaran Chakravarty},
  booktitle={The Indian medical gazette},
Epidemic dropsy is a disease occurring in epidemic or endemic form characterized clinically by (edema, erythema, cutaneous nodules, diarrhoea, cardiac failure, glaucoma and/or abortion in pregnant women. Pathologically there is an extensive dilatation and engorgement of the capillaries in the skin and the internal organs. Its ajtiology has been traced to the use of adulterated mustard oil, the chief cooking fat of a large section of the Indian population. Subsequent work has shown that the… CONTINUE READING